Have a Gymzoonasium program tailored and professionally delivered for your school, council, sports organisation or special needs organisation. These programs greatly improve parent/community engagement; media promotion of your organisation; morale amongst staff, volunteers and community; health and wellbeing throughout your organisation.

These programs…

Are tailored and professional

Our team of experienced and engaging health professionals will ensure the program’s success. Our Exercise Physiologists are highly experienced in delivering Gymzoonasium children’s exercise sessions for special needs, mainstream and sporting groups.

Ensure program sustainability

We can equip your staff and volunteers with the skills to continue delivering Gymzoonasium sessions long term through training workshops and mentoring as needed. We provide ample resources (Gymzoonasium books, teacher’s manuals, posters, hats, videos, IT materials and art suggestions) so you can continue delivering the program in countless innovative ways going forward.

Promote healthy lifestyles

In conjunction with launching Gymzoonasium exercise sessions for you we can also tailor a Health Week, incorporating a week full of fun health promotion & fundraising activities for your organisation and community, or workshops spread over time. We can address these or other topics tailored for your needs:

  • Healthy cooking (hands-on cooking class)
  • What to look for on food labels
  • Quick and healthy lunchbox ideas
  • Simple ways to help your family eat more fruit & veg
  • Smart choices when eating out
  • Managing your weight
  • Healthy meal planning on a budget
  • How to grow your own fruit, veg & herbs
  • Free and low cost local physical activities
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Managing depression
  • Building and utilizing your support network
  • Coping strategies
  • Self esteem
  • Looking after yourself
  • Stress management and relaxation

Are often free

We can assist your organisation to secure funding to cover the costs of launching your Gymzoonasium program and/or Health Week.

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