Jim Green“Students at Mount Ommaney Special School and Early Childhood Development Program commenced the GymZOOnasium exercise and healthy eating program in March 2014. Through the program students are engaged in fun physical activity through a combination of the GymZOOnasium teaching resources and the creativity of their wonderful professionals who deliver the program. Students at our school have a wide range of disabilities and many present with high and complex support needs. Often activities require a significant amount of repetition to become successful. However, GymZOOnasium has been a hit from day one! The beauty of the program is that it assumes no limits. Children are provided with opportunities to achieve in fun and creative ways. The students look forward to the sessions and we have had numerous reports from families of students repeating the activities at home. Many classes are now beginning each day with a set of GymZOOnasium exercises and teachers are reporting significant benefits including greater levels of core strength, improved posture and increased muscle tone. The program has provided sustainable and positive lifestyle choices for the entire school community. We have also observed an increase sense of self-worth through achievements in the program. We would happily recommend the GymZOOnasium program to others.”

– Jim Green. Education Program Officer, Mount Ommaney Special School

Vern Jensen- Gymzoonasium“Congratulations on a well written, illustrated and very informative book. We all thought it was fabulous and loved all the animal characters who impart a great message about how important exercise is.”

– Vern Jensen. ex-Teacher

ChelseaPhillips-th“This book is really fun and exciting. I did try these exercises and they are super fun. I love doing them. It helps me to grow up strong and keeps me fit. I would definitely tell all my friends about it and then they could have fun doing it too.”

– Chelsea Phillips. year 6 student

SamanthaBusyBee-th“I noticed huge improvement in muscle tone, co-ordination and balance after using the program for a year.”

– Samantha. Busy Bee Childcare Centre

andymorgan-th“The girls love their book and won’t put it down. My girls, not only love the book for the exercises but also the lovely pictures. A big thank you very much.”

– Andy Morgan, parent

TimSheridan-th“Gymzoonasium is so easy to use. I have just finished workshops with a group of coaches using the book and they have taken it home to use also with their own children.”

– Tim Sheridan, Coach, Maroochydore Football Club